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    • Tangible Time Savers
      • A recruitment agent can save you days of 'wasted' time sifting through applications, so that you only have to make time to view those worth considering
      • They will schedule interviews: you only have to prepare and turn up
      • They will deal with all administrative issues such as: all communications with applicants, including notifying unsuccessful ones and providing feedback; and verifying candidate information (e.g. qualifications and references)
    • Efficiency
      • Your recruiter will collate candidates' queries so that you can deal with them all in one go
      • Their specialist market insight allows them to advise you on and negotiate job offers on your behalf if requested.
      • They will manage the process smoothly – compared to in-house staff who may be inexperienced in best practice procedures
      • Contract and temp hire roles can be filled at short notice (as the recruitment agent will already have access to a vast pool of vetted candidates)
      • As well as the value of the time saved by using a recruitment agent vs in-house hire, you will also save money.
    • Short term cost savers
      • Removes cost of posting most job adverts
      • Removes impact on in-house staff who can continue to perform their other duties to their usual standard
      • Reduces overtime costs: temp hire through a recruitment agency is often cheaper than requiring regular staff to work overtime during busy periods
      • Reduces the likelihood and cost of a 'bad hire' (e.g. poor performance, training, re-hire).
    • Long term cost savers
      • Reduces future hiring costs if you use the same recruitment agent again as the agent will already have knowledge of your organisation so the process will be quicker
      • Reduces training costs: some agencies offer candidates the chance to hone their talents or learn field-specific regulations whilst on the hunt for a new job, thereby eliminating your organisation's need to do the same once they arrive